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Terrance Kelsey (TK) Photo:  DreamOne

Terrance Kelsey (TK) Photo: DreamOne

By lulu

Straight out the fucking dungeons of rap, TK (Terrance Kelsey)  was heavily influenced by street culture. As a kid, graffiti ignited his creative imagination. TK is a digital artist. As an artist he is able to mix his love for hip-hop and visual art into one. 

Below is the Faces of Versatility, featuring Chance the Rapper.  TK uses techniques such 

Faces of Versatility 


as a combination of photo manipulation,

photo editing,

and digital painting. 

TK has also launched his own clothing line NGD.

Behind his inspiration to launch his own line is his love for incorporating different elements that are from anime and comics to current issues. 


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