The Future of Phoenix Transportation: A Forum on Proposition 104

By St. Lou 

Sometime in late July, 2015

Last night the badass people at Arizona talks hosted a forum at the A.E. England Building at Civic Space Park. The two debaters were Kate Gallego a Phoenix council woman, and Mr. Randal O’Toole from the Cato Institute. The topic was Proposition 104. The Proposition’s efforts are to expand public transportation. Building a more sustainable city, where businesses can grow within a pedestrian friendly community sounds great in idea but differs greatly in application. For one, you have crap whole private interest’s’ that consume our bureaucratic process; Which, Gallego and O’Toole are no exceptions to. Nonetheless, in speaking for the goodwill of the public, I can safely say that Proposition 104 does more good for the community than harm (But thats not saying politicians wont find a way to fuck it up). 

When I first arrived I was glad to see an array of faces that had taken interest and or stake in the subject.  However, as the debate began to get going, I was deeply disappointed by BOTH debaters. I felt that their positions were weak and their strategies lacked thought. 

To Mr. O’Toole, I love how you came out with facts and figures of outdated economic data that isn’t relevant to our issues facing this state and the WORLD and you provided no alternative worth listening to (I will Sparta Kick you if you mention self driving cars). You look like someone who was rolled out of the Westward Ho. given a blazer and told to speak. If anything your arguments towards the burden the tax payer will take on are impotent and hold no credibility. I can guarantee you that within the next 35 Years Governments will increase taxes, so what difference does it make? Also, you lost me after you said that the light rail does more harm than people driving in their SUV’s. So by that logic if 13 people individually woke up and went to work in their SUV’s it would be less harmful and costly to the environment than if they took  public transportation i.e. the Light-rail? Yea…ok. Mr. O’Toole I hope you looked into our terrible urban sprawl problem. 

To Mrs. Gallego, I don’t trust you nor do I trust your husband. I don’t have have faith that you will strategically be involved with planning an effective public transit system without being caught up with selling yourself for your next campaign. 

In all, I am in love with the fact that my city is deciding to take action and becoming an economic contender within our country but globally as well. We have potential and if we do our best, if we are bold, mighty forces will aid our cause.