Valley City: Retail

  The Phoenix skyline at night from South Mountain

The Phoenix skyline at night from South Mountain

By lulu

Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the country. If you ask anyone living in the valley it's more of multi-cities sprawled across the Valley. Because the city was built after the invention of the automobile, the city was mapped out on a grid creating low density communities. 

When you head downtown you don't get the sense it's like other cities on the east-coast. The people didn't live close to each other and the culture that grew in other cities didn't happen here. 


We growing.

And like other Cities downtown is starting to look better each day. Places like Jobot Coffee & Diner incubated scenes for artist, and creatives in city center. For a moment there we thought it was lost, but to our surprise, its back in a new location. 

So like Jobot, there are other businesses in the Valley that should consider relocating.

The First is AZthread  and Been Had Those. Both are retail companies. AZthread is a Glendale based resell store that dishes out the latest trending sneaker or the fresh brands like Supreme, throwback NBA Jersey's, and classic Tommy Hilfiger. Been Had Those is a resell sneaker shop.

Both companies are cool and relevant within the current scene. They both have strong brands because HYPEBEAST's in the Valley usually line up for special occasions.

But, What we haven't gotten over is this sprawled out Valley that doesn't help the scene. I propose that these to funky companies movein the heart of downtown Phoenix closer to brands like Pound for Pound. Back in the Day and mostly utilized by larger retail companies they cluster in the same vicinity as others due to how shoppers don't like to get the fuck back in their car to shop at another store.

It's called pedestrian traffic.