A Shitty Review of the Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Concert

By lulu

So I have never had a chance to see the Kings of Leon in Phoenix. Every time they came to town, they cancelled their shows that I would of  have went to. 

So, fuck em' right? No, ...their music still fucking rocks, even though close friends give me a hard time for listening to them. Their hate for the mainstream doesn't trump the quality of the band as performers and musicians.  

Anyways, Band of Horses played first which I had thought The Head and the Heart would perform first. So... it kinda sucked that I showed up during the end of The Head and the Heart's set. 

If I had gripes, It would  be the long beer lines, and the fact that promoters decided that Mesa Amphitheatre was a good venue for KOL. Don't get me wrong, I understand why Chance the Rapper moved  his show to Mesa. The venue has no assigned seating, which consists of basically a lawn to stand on. Perfect place for young kids to get buck. Not really a cool place for a bunch-of-fucking-couples reminding me how sad and lonely I am. I would of preferred to sitting in a dark lonely chair like the sad bastard I am. 

Nonetheless, when KOL came on stage they played at least one or two songs from each album and my favorite songs on the new album, Walls. Which was cool. However, they did kinda test the crowd to see if we would sing along, I figured the band decided we (Phoenix) weren't going to raise hell and it would be another pedestrian show. Even though, titties did make an appearance. 

I suppose I had opportunity to catch the band and enjoy some sappy love songs with no interruptions from some try-hard fan trying to force a mosh-pit.  

Gratefully, that didn't happen.