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The Hunni's 

Hunni is a women's streetwear clothing line based straight out of Phoenix, AZ. Behind Hunni are three young ladies that bring new flavor to streetwear. With the industry being dominated by the male market, Hunni integrates a sweet twist with their streetwear by crossing the gender gap. 

As they are represented by their signature honeycomb hexagon, dripping with golden honey, Hunni works within the sidelines of streetwear that provide sizes and style for all. Not only is Hunni a transcending brand, they empower the customer through self expression. Simple but significant, Hunni sits between the men's and women's section in the department store. It's urban upbringing, draws attention from the sharp eye from any HYPEBEAST on both sides of the aisle.

It's a new definition.  



Shelby Bowen Photo:  Dreamone

Shelby Bowen Photo: Dreamone

A Valley child

Shelby's taste influences the sweet look Hunni brings to the table. Bringing her creative mind to Hunni when it comes to the garments & image. This valley girl provides the rough edge look with an effortless approach to beauty.

At 20, Shelby is pursuing a Psychology & Business degree. Shelby grew up on the Northwest side of the Valley, and you can tell Westside formed her by the way she carries her quiet confidence.  Her skills keep the team lookin' sharp, and her support will keep the team's minds right through their journey as a start-up.    




Yessi Bastarrachea Photo:  Dreamone

Yessi Bastarrachea Photo: Dreamone

The spirit of the brand

Yessi gets the job done with her bold and easy going attitude. The Honey that brings the team together. She connects to people and gives the brand a deadly edge when knowing what consumers want. Yessi is a business woman ready for what comes for the brand.

Yessi, 22, was born in Yucatan, Mexico. She grew-up in California, then found her way to Arizona. Her attitude is very much West-coast. As an aspiring actress, Yessi has the skill and know-how to direct and coordinate the brand in a successful direction. 




Monica Bastarrachea Photo:  Dreamone

Monica Bastarrachea Photo: Dreamone

The young visionary

Wise beyond her years, and equipped with high sense of fashion, Monica has navigated the brand thru the industry. Her careful and detailed driven mind help the Hunni brand speak for its self.  She has been versed in the industry and began planning to build Hunni while working alongside her partners in retail.

The Youngest of the group at 19 is younger sister to Hunni's very own Yessi. Monica has always known through out high school that she wanted to launch a clothing brand. Since then, Monica has helped build and be the motivation behind the brand itself. 





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