Enter the Grime

Thinking about what's going down in the valley this week?

I know what you wish you were doing this Friday, February 16th though!

Word on the STREET is that there is a GRIMEy house show taking place in south Phoenix.

You are not going to want to miss this ALL AGES event with some of the greatest souls that are making moves throughout all avenues and streets of this state.

Holgadayz is bringing another jam packed social gathering of music, live painting and some original Street Grime Printz. This would not be possible without the great help and your hosts for the evening, Guilty and  El Sol, whom both have also made huge impacts on the scene this past year.

Get ready for the return of the house parties and homey joints. This is another chance to engage and rage under the same roof as some of the hottest crews making moves.

DJ Chum Chum is the Savior, opening the doors for us and getting the grooves right. Products of Infamy(PROFIN) are blessing us with their presence as well as the fresh lyricism of Pariah Pete from 20Pounds. Just another reason not to miss Friday night, these two groups are sharing the same space as some other artists from the valley that are breaking the ceiling.  Its going to be rejuvenating to vibe with Truvonne for an intimate performance and finish the night with SB Sllew and atreetalking from the well known crew, GUILD.

Don't "I wish I would have..." when you could have. See y'all on the south side. 

(fly on the wall, in the cut)