Donuts and Mimosas

I can say, there was no better way to send yunGma on to another part of her journey, than yesterdays festivities. It was a pleasure to be welcomed with donuts and mimosas in such a sweet and inviting home. Her closet was stocked with the latest vintage streetwear store room . But I am in absolute awe with all of the debuts that really set the tone for what 2k18 has in store for us. But I am in absolute awe with all of the debuts that really set the tone for what 2k18 has in store for us. 

Big props to holgadayz, Miss Lane, showcasing some of her PHX Street Grime prints, but also coordinating a dope list of Hip Hop influenced performances.

Setting the tone for the evening, Dj ChumChum came through with his "feel good" moods and "get-up and dance jams". He had the energy in the room so comfortable, the open mic session went smooth and allowed everyone to tie their nerves and get down to the grime. Keeping up with the good energy and refreshing sound, Jay Wop, with his crisp and clear vocals took a hold of the mic. He led the crowd into a sneak peek of "Float", a collaboration with WIG$, who made his debut performance and opened up with his track Yams.  This was a special performance and for those who did not get the chance to see WIG$' debut, just be ready for what this year is going to showcase for this young kat. 

As the sun was in the motion to set, the set inside also switched gears. ApeFace made his presence, was up in faces and really changed the mood for what the night was getting into. It was perfect timing when Jet Grind Mob came through the building gracing the house with the energy that was guaranteed to bring a much-needed release.  Mr. UU and his promised eccentric vibes, mixed with Jimmy Sticcx' lyricist's tongue had the whole house in a whirlwind. Proudly. they brought along Guilty, letting all his hair loose and laid it down. Their set started the interpersonal connection with the house, bringing out everyone's hidden demons and allowing everyone to release and gain flight. 

And boom! Products of Infamy took the floor. If you didn't know who was up and coming in all areas of Hip Hop Grime, PROFIN, a collective of twelve diverse characterz that are raising the bar. liljellybean and Dxyzney took the reigns for this house party and brought along their POI BOIS to showcase their style and vocals. We only got a little taste of what this group has to bring to the table.

It was a delightful surprise, honestly, to be able to witness the tasteful tones of jvckacid and Guy Ver for a few songs to end the night. 

The turnout for the entire day was great through and through. Congratulations to holgadayz and the first round of PHX Street Grime prints, but ALSO for throwing one of the most intune house parties that set a high bar for 2018. The "goal"  all around was to have the community come together and realize that the game has changed. And it was noticed.


Photographer: Conner Sutcliffe

Photo of Huey Humz (Products of Infamy) holding an original holgadayz print showcasing YunGma's Vintage Streetwear.