Colored Nights


Colored Nights


Saturday, November 25, 2017


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A small mob begins to gather on the corner of third street & Roosevelt Ave. In front of the "Not Jobot" a counterfeit relic from the past. A lot of change is happening in the Valley. 

A creative spring is happening in the Southwestern desert city. 

Vape smoke clouds fill the air as the meet-up leaders begin to arrive. Influencers such as, 91chaniz, SavaGThreads, the Audio Visual Cult along with Cali based Totem Skin, hailed atrists from all corners of the Valley. 

As the leaders began to move the crowd, they started in the heart of the cities art district in an alley on 5th street behind the Lost Leaf. 

The alley is famously decorated with with colorful graffiti works. 

As the night began to fall, neon light lit up the alley way with storms of smoke filling frames shots. 

The meet took shape as models and photographers littered the alley staging photoshoots at each corner showcasing creatives styles of all kinds. 

it truly was a collaboration as people gave out water, and willingly gave a hand when needed. 

it was exciting, no place to be timid.

it was wild. 

Photos: Deam.One