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Bass Customs Photo:   DreamOne

Bass Customs Photo: DreamOne

By lulu

With roots stretching from Detroit,  Rob "Bass" Moore is a transplant to Phoenix like many of us. Growing up Bass would always write and color on his shoes. It was something his mother hated due to her having to pay for them. As an adult, Bass' mother enjoys when he colors  on shoes, especially because she doesn't have to pay for them. 

Back in 2004 when the Pistons won the NBA championship, Bass took a sharpie to his Reeboks and created his own custom shoe representing his team! 

"Always wanting to standout from the rest, creating art was my way of saying, 
look at me
we are not the same."

It wasn't until 2013 when Rob decide to combine his first love of art with his passion for Sneakers. Bass has become One of Arizona's top customizer.

Bass is heavily influenced by hip-hop, skating and krump dancing. As a Vet. in the creative scene, Bass as worked for and with some popular brands.  

Rob "Bass" Photo:  DreamOne

Rob "Bass" Photo: DreamOne

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