B. Graham

Born in San Bernardino, California and matured in both Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona upcoming rap artist B.

Graham intends to take over the rap game and maybe even the world. He is working on Three different music projects of his own after releasing his locally anticipated EP entitled 'GIBBERISH' on Nov. 28th of 2016.

On top of him working on those projects, he is writing a project for a singer in which he leaves nameless as of the time being.  

As well as working on features with other rising stars in the Arizona music community. Beyond that of music B. Graham has told us that he is also working on scripts for short films, learning instruments, as well as creating content with us here at PEDDLR.

You can listen to his PEDDLR debut in the third episode of our hip hop podcast found on the PEDDLR Podcasting Network. But enough about us you are here to learn and listen to the artist  that is B. Graham.


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