Update: Kawhi Leonard & DeMar Derozan Trade Finalized

Demar Kawhi snap.png

Update: It was recently reported that the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors were finalizing a trade for Kawhi Leonard & DeMar Derozan. It was first reported by ESPN around 5am Eastern Time that the trade would come into fruition. By 12pm the trade was finalized with both franchises mutually agreeing to the deal. DeMar Derozan is a seasoned vet with multiple all-stars selections along with Kawhi Leonard. Neither player has played on different teams since they both came into the NBA. Leonard led the-then 2014 Spurs to the Championship to being named Finals MVP. Derozan led the Raptors to 3-sraight Eastern-Coonference finals appearances. More trades are soon to come as the preseason approaches.

Source: Sporting News
Posted by: AlTheBlogger