BREAKING NEWS: Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Have Broken Up!

kylie travis snap.png

According to MTO (Media Take Out) Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has broken up. MTO noted that the 2 had a fall out a few week's back which led to their possible break-up. The couple just had their baby a few month's ago. According to Kylie herself she admitted that Travis Scott isn't suited to handle the "Kardashian level of fame." Travis Scott is 26 years old and he's been in the industry for 5 years. Kylie Jenner is 20 years and she's been in the industry for 4 years alongside her family. Jenner might be right, the Jenner-Kardashian level of fame is through the roof. Good luck to Scott and Jenner, more details coming soon stay tuned.

Source: MTO News

Posted by: AlTheBlogger