Kanye West Fires His Manager Scooter Braun Via Twitter

kanye snap.png

"Mr. West is in the building!" Kanye West is back on social media after a long drought out of the spotlight. Kanye cut ties with his manager Scooter Braun. Scooter Braun is responsible for discovering managing and discovering Justin Beiber. Kanye posted to twitter that him and his label mate Pusha T will drop a collaboration album on May 25th. He also let his fans know that him and Kid Cudi will release a collaboration album later this year.

However, what got everyone talking is the tweet the 'Ye recently sent out to the public. Kanye announced that he fired his whole team including his management. There's no logical reason as to why he made this decision but he spoke candidly when asked about the situation simply stating "I can't be managed." The 37-year old has been on a hiatus from the public for quite some time. 

Posted by: AlTheBlogger
Source: People