Kylie Jenner Set to Become Youngest Women Billionaire

kylie jenner snap.png

Kylie Jenner has been pronounced by Forbes, Magazine as the soon-to-be the "Worlds Youngest Billionaire." The Forbes list annually highlights the highest paid entrepreneur's in their industries. Kylie is 20 years old and has a net worth of roughly $900 million thanks to her cosmetic line "Kylie Lip Kit." She has already surpassed her big step-sister Kim who is estimated at $325 million. The young reality star has been praised by her family and fans, however not everyone is pleased. According to the Washington Examiner a few young entrepreneur's stated that calling Kylie a "Self-Made" billionaire is an "insult." To back up the statements, it was noted that Jenner in fact did build up her following from her families reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Whether she's a "self-made" billionaire or "hand-me-down" billionaire she has set her family up for life.

Source: Washington Examiner
Posted by: AlTheBlogger