Celebs React to Meek Mill's Release From Jail

meek mill snap.png

. Rapper Meek Mill was released from jail yesterday (April 25th). Just as everyone expected the Philly nati7ve made his first stop to the playoffs to support the 76er's, as they took on the Miami Heat. Meek was in jail for violating his probation according to the judge that sentenced him.

Fortunately the judges sentence was over ruled in court which gave Meek the green light to return back to society. Of course TMZ was on the scene, as Meek came out of the correctional institution smiling to the sight of his music team and close friends.

Meek's celebrity friends showed love to Meek in-person and with phone calls, including Kevin Hart, T.I., Rick Ross & Jay-Z. Jay-Z also took to social media to thank all the fans that supported Meek throughout his incarceration. Jay said "we thank every individual that has supported and fought alongside Meek every step of the way."

Posted by: AlTheBlogger
Source: CNN