Stevie J. & Faith Evans Get Married in Las Vegas Hotel Room

Stevie J Faith Evans snap.png

Faith Evans and Stevie J. officially tied the knot in their hotel room on Wednesday July 18th. The long time singer & actress is the widow of the Notorious Biggie Smalls. Stevie J. has produced multiple hits for Bad Boy records back in the 90's. The two apparently found love years down the road and now their husband and wife. Faith has two kid's one with Biggie and  another before she married Biggie. Stevie J. has 4 kid's, 2 with Mimi Faust and 2 others outside of Mimi. There no other official reports on the wedding as of yet but I'll be sure to keep you updated. Congratulations to Faith Evans and Stevie J.

Source: PEOPLE
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